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Mythic Tales Retold


Picture a campfire with people huddled together on a cold night, smoke slowly drifting up towards a sky carpeted with stars, and a storyteller holding his audience captive with the adventures of his ancestors. And as they become more enthralled and beseech him for more stories, he delves deeper into his store of tales until he comes to the time when there were no humans, no animals, no plants. But there were gods…

Since the dawn of time humankind has been intrigued by the facts of existence: birth, being, death; and when reason and meaning appear beyond human understanding, gods enter the arena. Thus this search for meaning gave birth to mythology and in turn, mythology spurred existing traditions, rituals and customs into new and exciting pathways and helped evolve and develop new ones.

In Mythic tales retold the author adds his insights with a blend of humour and tongue-in-cheek to the myths of old. The style makes use of a rhyme scheme employed by limericksters (a word according to the author not found in any (reputable!) dictionary, meaning “persons writing limericks”).

A useful Glossary is appended and the book will be enjoyed by both old and young, as well as scholars and non-scholars. 



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Would our lives be colourful without stories?

Stories form a matrix or serve as markers wherein our individual lives may be pegged, thus helping us in finding meaning in this existence.


In this collection you will find something amusing or disturbing, or perhaps something to reflect on. You could come away richer, or wiser; or, perhaps, experience a combination of all these factors. For example, in Haki, the notion of the ‘noble savage’ comes under scrutiny in an amusing and totally unexpected manner, and in the tender Be what you seem to be, the idea that grief, when compared with love, receives a new dimension in being ‘more’ eternal.

With 23 varied stories, from fireside tales and romance to fantasy and comical musings, (to mention just a few) there is something to satisfy everyone.



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